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The essays here so far explore my feelings and throughts about the President and his little scandal. Some are rants about Clinton, others observations on the media I work in.

Hopefully soon I'll get around to writing some more sedate pieces on the joys of travel, fishing, and religon.

12 September 1998: The release of the Independant Counsel's Report to Congress on the Lewinsky Matter
21 September 1998: The President's Grand Jury Testimony is seen by the world and a shocked nation.
29 January 1999: We've Been Duped!!!!!
2 February 1999: Groundhog Day at the Mayflower
26 June 1999: Reflections on the Dom in Aachen, Germany
07 November 1999: Life withouth Cable Television - liberating myself
29 February 2000: John McCain and the Popular Plurality
17 March 2000: Legislation through litigation
1 July 2000: Cosmopolitan Confusion!